As you know the 2019 reunion is a cruise in the Northeast onboard the Norwegian cruise ship Escape. 
Dates of the cruise are September 15 - 22, 2019.
Attached is a registration form and flyer
Full payment for the cruise is due by May 18, 2019. 
You may register for the cruise at any time up to 20 days (Aug 25, 2019) before the cruise. 
However if you register after May 18, 2019 you will be required to pay for the cruise in full at time of registration.
You can register now and subsequently cancel for unforeseen reasons until May 15, 2019, and be refunded your full deposit.
So go ahead and reserve your cabin now while the rates are lower.
FYI - The Association had a cruise in 2010 and the price then was only slightly lower than what this cruise will cost.
A bargain and more port calls, less distance and sea time than 2010.
Below are some amenities that you can chose, complimentary, for your cruise:
Amenities: PICK TWO Offer
Ultimate Beverage Package* - 1st and 2nd guests in cabin only
Prepaid Service Charges - 1st and 2nd guests in cabin  only
Commitment Ceremony - cabin
Internet Package - per cabin, not per person in cabin
$50 Per Port Shorex Credit - per cabin, not per person in cabin- max of 4 ports
Dining Package - 1st and 2nd guests in cabin only
20 Photo Package - per cabin, not per person in cabin
Below are links you can click on for more information on the cruise and also for the ship.  
Also provided is a telephone # for questions you may have for Travel Protection, which is highly recommended
Ship Information for the Norwegian Escape
Required Travel Documentation
Register Online / You will need to do this at some point
Travel Protection/Insurance/Information/Cost
** Any questions you need answered regarding, when to purchase, Pre-existing conditions or other health issues,
Call NCL’s insurer, Aon Affinity @ 800-722-5672
NCL Cruise Frequently Asked Questions
Shore Excursion Info
For other information that is not listed above, go to www.ncl.com or call Brian Forrester @ 480 332 7294 to register.