Saturday Night Banquet

The entertainer Randy Rodriguez had the group hopping

Lee with guest speaker Brian "Bear" Lithani who
gave a very detailed talk on NORAD

He told the history and mission of NORAD covering the early years and the Cold War years and how the command defended the USA and Canada against aerial and missile threats.  NORAD was established in September 1957 as a combined air defense of the US and Canada with headquarters initially at Ent Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO.  He explained how the various defenses, which included strategically placed radar sites along with radar picket ships and airborne radar equipped aircraft, detected and intercepted long range aircraft from Russia (USSR).  He noted the role of radar picket ships which (although vital) were seldem recogonized for their efforts.
(We now have a display at the Peterson Air and Space museum in the NORAD section with a model of the USS Tracer and mission statement)

Above Brian Forrester, our travel organizer, is presented with a framed stained glass chili pepper.
The picture on the right is shown hung in Brian's house.  Here is a note from Brian's wife Susan.
Hi Lee, I wanted to THANK YOU and the Yagrs Association for the beautiful stained glass chili
pepper.  Brian hung it in our dining room area for all to see! I LOVE IT! - Susan.

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