Nashville, TN - April 26 - April 30, 2022

Due to the combining of YAGRS & MMA the registration form has been modified. Since
there is to be no mingling of monies between the two groups, each item has to be 
listed separately. The front side shows the breakdown. This way it makes it easy 
to keep the monies separate. 

The tours are optional as usual. You can decide not to take a particular tour and 
do something on your own.   The ladies breakfast cost is included in the room fee. 
We do need a count for the hotel so they know how  much breakfast to prepare. Ladies 
as usual bring your bazaar item to the breakfast.  This is the first time both groups 
will be together where both send monies to their treasurers. Doug Miles (MMA), Brian 
and I will monitor the monies received to keep them from  mingling.

Being the first time together, there will probably be “hiccups” so please be patience 
if we have to change/adjust onsite.

The registration fee covers the registration packet items and other admin costs.
The hospitality room fee covers beer, wine and snacks. Hard liquor drinks must
    go through the hotel bar.
The General Jackson fee covers the dinner and show. 
The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour is 2 hrs of driving around Nashville sites with an 
    onboard comedian.
The One Day Sightseeing tour is 6 hrs (on & off the bus) and includes Historic Lower 
    Broadway, Nissan Stadium, Vanderbilt Uni. The Parthenon, State Capitol, 
    Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame and much more. Lunch is included.
The Grand Ole Opry includes dinner & show.

All tours include gratuity and transportation from and to the hotel.
The above tours can be explored more in detail on the internet.