Because the YAGR'S ASSOCIATION website is growing all the time we felt that most people viewing the site would want to check out the additions as they get added rather then go through all the pages to get to the new ones.  So this page will list those additions and will provide a brief description and a link to take you directly there.





6/11/2018 Added medals eligibility page Medals
1/18/2018 Redesigned the Website Home
10/12/2015 Added date for the 2017 reunion in Norfolk, VA Reunion
9/7/2015 Added Charleston reunion pages Home
6/8/2015 Posted YAGRGRAM#72 Home
4/24/2015 Posted pictures of the USS TRACER in the ship's picture gallery on the website Tracer Picture Gallery
3/28/2015 Added mention that YAGR'S Association now has a FACEBOOK page Home
3/28/2015 Added dates for the 2016 Branson, MO reunion Reunion
8/24/2012 Added attendance numbers for all the reunions Reunion
8/15/2012 Added write up and pictures for the 2012 Lancaster, PA Reunion Reunion
06/5/2012 Added all ships patches and YAGR DIVISION 21 organization Home then click on ships
01/25/2012 Order replica of YAGR Plaque displayed on the memorial
wall at the USN Memorial Foundation in Washington DC
Plaque Order Form
10/2/2011 Added details for 2012 YAGR'S Reunion 2012 reunion
09/27/2011 Added 2011 Nashville Reunion pages Reunion
09/18/2011 Added pictures of the Bridge which is the last project. Bridge
08/13/2011 Added a sea story by Pete Bowman (EM2, AGR-11) Sea Stories
05/20/2011 Added first hand account of the fatal engine room fire aboard the USS SEARCHER on November 13, 1955 Sea Stories
03/21/2011 Added some sea stories Sea Stories
03/08/2011 Created a new page called SEA STORIES HOME then click SEA STORIES
02/17/2011 Created a new Guest Log Sign In Page New Guest Log Sign In
06/06/2010 Added pictures from the Reunion 2010 cruise Go to home and click on reunion
06/18/2009 Added description of 2010 reunion cruise 2010 cruise
01/13/2009 Added detailed description and pictures of the Radar Room Radar Room
09/17/2008 Added details page for 2009 reunion. reunion2009
12/31/2007 Added Special Projects - work done on the USS ST. PAUL ST. PAUL Project
12/1/2007 Added Liberty Ships Information Display Liberty Ships Info
12/1/2007 Added Commissioning Pennants and Ensigns Display Pennants & Ensigns
12/1/2007 Added construction of Plaques Display Plaques Display
8/19/2007 SPECIAL PROJECT - Added a section showing pictures of the work to repair deteriorating steel on the #1 turret on the USS MASSACHUSETTS deck.  See 3 pages of pictures. Go to HOME page and click on SPECIAL PROJECTS
7/26/2007 Added order form for YAGRS Memorial Plaque Print Order Form
7/24/2007 Added pictures of reunion 2007, Washington, DC reunion link on home page
6/7/2007 Added picture of the USS Interceptor AGR-8 to the ships section. AGR-8
5/19/2007 Changed scrolling message on the home page to show a bus schedule change at the reunion for the dedication of the Radar Picket Ship Plaque. HOME
4/19/2007 Changed scrolling message on the home page HOME
4/19/2007 Inserted a new BUTTON link on the home page titled VIDEO.  This leads to some video taken aboard the USS INTERDICTOR HOME
3/18/2007 Changed scrolling message on the home page to read as follows: If you have sent in your reunion registration and have not received a confirmation of receipt, get in touch with Harry  
3/4/2007 Changed scrolling message on the home page to state that YAGRGRAM #44 has been sent out  
2/10/2007 Added a picture of the USS Protector AGR-11 AGR-11
2/4/2007 Added a picture of the USS INTERDICTOR AGR-13 AGR-13
2/1/2007 Added a picture of Battleship Cove,  Fall River, MA and details of YAGR'S special projects there. YAGR's SPECIAL PROJECTS
1/29/2007 Added a SPECIAL PROJECTS link button on the home page and a page describing the work done on the USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr.  DD 850 by the YAGR'S ASSOCIATION work crew. DD 850 PROJECT
1/26/2007 USS MASSACHUSETTS - added a picture of the battleship on the exhibit page EXHIBIT PAGE
1/26/2007 Painting the exhibit - This was a huge task. PAINTING PAGE
1/24/2007 Changed scroll message on home page  
1/1/2007 Building the radar display - This project was originally scheduled prior to painting the exhibit but cold temperatures moved it ahead of schedule. RADAR PAGE